Welcome to Caremate Limited

Live a good life

Caring for you

We care for you to build peace of mind and enable you to maintain your indipendence and take control of your life

Companionship service

Our trained carers will provide you companionship when you need a helping hand to do shopping household chores or if you would love to go to the corner for a cuppa

Caring for the elderly

Your loved elederly people may need a extra pair of hands to keep them living a normal daily life. We provide varius compassionate care services to the elederly

Caremate Limited does not at the moment directly supply staff to service user.

We work as an ‘introductory agency’ in line with CQC guidance and are not involved in service management such as making changes to the care plan, providing rotas or effecting control over the delivery of care. All Personal Assistants (PA)s work for us as self-employed. We do not run as employment agency nor a care agency.

Upon successful registration with the CQC, Caremate Limited aims to deliver the highest standard of care to people through direct involvement with personal care, as regulated by the CQC and defined within its guidelines.

54 Ermine Street
Huntingdon, Cambridge shire
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Phone: 01480 458840


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